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Coming back from a tour with our friends of Canine last september, we recorded this first album. We wrote it over months, and finished it during a week in the practice space of l’Humus, in the middle of a heatwave. The amps weren’t helping… Recording took place at Old Tree Studio in Salon-de-Provence and Sénas between October 2018 and January 2019. The name Yarostan comes from one of the narators of Fredy Perlman’s epistolary novel Letters of Insurgents, and we are borrowing it since the spring of 2016. It is also from there that comes one of the read passage. The other comes from a short text titled "Mon punk à moi me parle d'aventure" signed "Bocs".

This record would not have been possible without the Campagne3000 in Sénas or Tom's parents for letting us practice in their homes, l'Humus in la Fare-les-oliviers, the DBD studio and la Salle Gueule. Thanks to Illys for the additional vocal parts, read or screamed, to Canine and Micka and everyone involved in the labels who participated in putting it out. Thanks also to all of the friends who welcomed us, fed us, and gave us places to stay and share our music.

Yarostan (Yann, Tom, Andy & Giz)
March 2019


released March 16, 2019

This is BSP#70

CD & Tapes self-released by the band. Extra tape version released as a split with Aleska by Zegema Beach Records (British Columbia).

LP's co-released with Crapoulet Records (Marseille) ; Badmood Asso (Marseille) ; DIY Bikepunk (Salamanca) ; Atlas Music (???) ; Smart & Confused (Paris) ; Seaside Suicide (Le Mans) and Longrail Records (Carmagnola)

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