To Adrien

by Giz Medium



I wrote and recorded these two songs on the first two days off of a very long tour, on a drive between Harapanda, Sweden and Jÿvaskÿla, Finland. The first line of the first song comes from a draft I never finished about how we fail and feel miserable about never being able to feel happy within the boundaries of traditional love partnerships, but it's also about mending clothes with patches and black thread and using that metaphor for the rest. the second song is about a fail goal I never cross from my to-do list which is to enjoy my own company even if I'm not overwhelmed by things to do, and not just because nobody wants to hang out, how tend towards this. Mostly I just recorded these songs right away in the back of a peugeot 206 by a gorgeous lake to make this small demo as a birthday gift for one of my best friend who never misses a chance to call me a romantic punk. He's turning 28 without taking a part in the 27 club and it's worth celebrating. Bon anniversaire A-D! <3


released June 22, 2016




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Track Name: To Adrien
going to oslo for a crush you got your heart handed back to you
I guess they wouldn't call it that if it didn't hurt
but we keep trying and keep crying
when we fail to replicate the relationships of our parents
and the jeans she keeps sewing are all patched up, nothing original left
it's just pretty fucking cool and it proves it works

so next time don't go to the store for a pair of skinny black denim
I got needles and black threat in my backpack
we'll skillshare not to stop at mending and throw out the patron
start something beautiful and new that would work for us
Track Name: "Learn how to enjoy loneliness (While sober if possible)"
it's about the last thing uncrossed on my never ending to do list
"learn how to enjoy loneliness (while sober if possible)"
I mostly drink to be social, curve away bits of anxiety
but I take my sadness as pure as it comes if only not to puke it all away
but when I'm locked in my room all day long to recover
it's mostly just to get out of your way

I'm not sorry if bright eyes is leaking through the walls
because I'm having a sad day too
I just long for the day I'll enjoy loneliness without it being fucked up
but the teenage boy that I was got shamed into learning to avoid it at all cost
the only thing I ever learnt to do alone in my room are masturbating and crying
and sing short songs like this one you're listening to